Waist trimmer from Ijoobi.com, is it worth it?

waist trainer real review from ijoobiThe trend since a few months is for the sweating garments, those clothes that make you sweat all day like panty or leggings. So I looked for one of these sweating clothes, cheap and comfortable. For those who want to slim down, for those looking for an anti-cellulite panty, for those who want an effective and cheap slimming, here is my complete test of neoprene waist trimmer.

How does the neoprene waist trimmer work?

Before I tell you what I think and give you my opinion, I will explain in more detail how this slimming clothing works.

The waist trimmers are designed primarily with neoprene. It is in this material that the inner lining of the sweat leggings is made, so that when the inner lining comes in contact with the skin, it promotes and stimulates sweating. The waist trimmer, panty or leggings are made with thermoflex but also polyester, nylon and cotton. It increases the core temperature of your body and thus allowing you to sweat 3 times more than usual. It acts as a lid: it maintains heat and increases sweating while promoting blood circulation.

This garment would therefore eliminate water surcharges, but not only. It would eliminate toxins that accumulate on our skin and are responsible for the formation of cellulite. It also promises to have a healthier, more toned and firmer skin.

What is the price of this sweating garment?

If I did not buy it on a teleshopping site, it’s simply because it was much more expensive than elsewhere. Some searches later, I found one which was 20 € cheaper on the Ijoobi.com online store. So I can already tell you that it is a cheap waist trimmer. And even one of the cheapest in the market. It is also available in several sizes: S (size 36), M (size 38), L (size 40), XK (size 42), XXL (size 44) and XXXL (size 46).

My opinion on the Neoprene waist trimmer

So, I would rather say it now: You will not lose 10 cm in the abdominal belt, bust or thighs in a glimpse. You will systematically associate the practice of regular sports activities.

On the other hand, I was particularly satisfied with the waist trimmer, especially on the comfort that it provides. I wore it to go for various household chores, at the market, at the sports. There was also a marked improvement in the appearance of my skin. My skin is much firmer and I feel like it is much smoother. This garment has a draining effect, for sure.

I also find it very comfortable. It does not interfere when you move and its material is pleasant on the skin. At the level of sweating, it’s obvious that we sweat more. The paradox is that you do not really realize you are sweating. But when you remove the garment. It is heavily full of sweat.

It is also robust and after several washes it is still like the first day. Despite some small limits, I recommend this slimming panty. The appearance of my skin at the thighs and belly has really changed and is much firmer. And that for me, is priceless. In addition, it is really a cheap panty that you would be wrong not to have yourself!

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