How to choose the sports bra that best suits you

sports braHow important it is to have a good chest support when playing sports, and yet we don’t usually give it the attention it deserves. That’s why we have decided to dedicate a post to this topic, to make you aware of the importance of choosing a good bra according to the size of our breast or the sport we practice.

The mammary glands are fatty tissues with high mobility, which, without proper support, can lead to a rupture of fibers or even a detachment of ligaments. In addition to not making us feel comfortable in our sport practice.

Therefore, before we embark on the purchase of a bra attracted by its design, we must know what type of sport we need it for. Depending on the impact we make on it, we will have to choose one for low, medium or high impact.

In the group of low-impact sports we could introduce hiking, yoga, gym, pilates.

In the medium-impact ones we could include cycling, skiing, tennis, skating…

And finally, high impact could be running, basketball…, those sports that require more movement.

Another aspect to take into account is the type of fastening of the bra itself. They can be compressive or recollecting. The support by withdrawal is recommended for those women with greater breast volume. However, for a low-impact sport, a compression grip would be sufficient.

Now if, once we have clear the type of bra we need, we go into the choice of model. The truth is that today you can find countless colors and designs. We show you a small selection to help you in your search for the perfect sports bra for each one of you.

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