How to practice Aerobics safely at home

Aerobics, a gymnastic modality practiced with music, emerged in the United States in 1982. Today, aerobics and its various variants (step-aerobic, slide-aerobic, box-aerobic) have spread throughout the world and have a large number of practitioners of both sexes.

aerobic training at home

With aerobics, the ability to perform organically (development of the cardiovascular system) is increased and strength, flexibility and coordination are significantly enhanced. For this reason, aerobics is the ideal complement, and an alternative, to endurance sports such as cycling, swimming and jogging.

The stimulation of the music, the motivation provided by the group and the direction and correction by expert people, make the basic rules and the combination of steps are practiced as if they were choreographies.

If you have the right equipment, you can do aerobics training at home. The possibility of training at home allows you to free yourself from the schedules of the courses, although, on the other hand, no one will be able to correct their defects or enjoy the motivating experience of the group.

The right equipment

For a pleasant aerobic workout, you need cushioned shoes. You should never do aerobic exercise barefoot, in socks or with thin gym shoes without cushioning or inner sole. Good aerobic sneakers provide support for the foot without squeezing it. Seek advice from the staff of the specialist sports shops. The following list lists some of the most important features of a good aerobic shoe:

  • Foot stabilization; fixation at joint height.
  • Good cushioning; support to support the arch of the foot.
  • Good ventilation system and adequate foot temperature.
  • Light and comfortable.
  • Bending zone at the front of the foot.
  • Lower cane in the Achilles tendon area.

In the choice of clothes, comfort and feeling at ease with her premium over everything else. It is up to you to follow the latest fashion trends or opt for a more classic style: tights or shorts with a T-shirt, narrow bodies that allow great freedom of movement, etc….

Music selection

It is no secret to anyone that music and movement are intimately related. In aerobic training, movement is sustained by the rhythm of music, which allows optimal dosage of the intensity of resistance training. In addition, music is an important motivating element and considerably increases the predisposition of the individual to perform more, to perform an effective resistance training, it is important, whenever possible, to perform the exercises without interruptions, for this reason it is essential to select a music that has a constant rhythm and that does not involve an overexertion.

To check if the selected music is really suitable for training, count the times for one minute. If the rhythm is between 118 and 122 beats per minute, the music is suitable for step and slide training. Some aerobic music tapes show the tempo in bpm, abbreviation of the English expression beats per minute, which means “beats” or “beats” per minute. Thus, the bpm number indicates the tempo of the music and provides information on the intensity of the exercise. In practice, this means that each “hit” corresponds to one step in the movement sequence. Try not to select songs with a high bpm number, because it leads to neglect of the technique of exercise movement and, as a consequence, the risk of injury is greater. In addition, the individual load limit is easily exceeded.

In the slide-aerobic there are no steps in the strict sense; every two strokes or “hits”, the change of side occurs. Wait another two times and move to the other side. Hold this rhythm alternately. If you want to work at a higher intensity, remove the pause and move without interruption from left to right following a two beat compass. Be cautious with this second variant because, as speed increases, the risk of injury is greater. In addition, it is difficult to execute the technique correctly. If you take these basic rules into account, you can start training whenever you want.


The step-aerobic is suitable for men and women, young and old, beginners and experienced practitioners. For the strength it demands and athletic style of movement, this variant of aerobics is very popular, especially among men. The step-aerobic was developed in the United States, starting with the classic aerobics in the early 1990s. It is characterized by the movements of ascending and descending to an elevated platform, similar to a ladder step, while executing different arm movements. Different sequences of steps and arm movements and small choreographies are performed. In order to ensure that the load on the joints, tendons and ligaments is as small as possible, only a walking motion should be used during climbs and descents. This type of training is called low impact. In no case should you jump or jump like a high impact training. By adjusting the step height, the training can be adapted to the desired level. It is a very varied modality, as well as the most indicated for resistance training, coordination, flexibility and strength.

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