How to Wear and Care for Hosiery

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Celebrities have made hosiery for wedding popular again. But, of course, its not what we remember pantyhose or wool tights to be. Now, it is beautiful, alluring, complementing your legs and comes in a huge variety of styles, fabric, color and design. The question is how do you put them on, care for them and know what to buy?

Don’t let these issues stop you from adopting this new style. We have done the research for you and have singled out the answers to make your hosiery purchase easier. See what secrets the experts have found beneficial for the wearing of women’s tights.

What Size and Type of Pantyhose Should you Buy

Look for a size larger than you are as this will help them last longer. The more stretched they are, the easier to get a run. Also, choose the “Tall” size for the same reason.

Look for control top to help hide the bulges. The waistband should be comfortable and not roll.

Reinforced toes also help them last longer. Another point to look for is a thicker, sturdier tight with a higher denier count. Of course, sheer, silky pantyhose give you a luxurious feeling and are great for the special night out.

How do you Care for your Hosiery

There are many suggestions for this. The first tip is only for the first time using them. Run your new tights for women under running water and wring out excess water and seal them in a zip lock bag in the freezer. Allow them to thaw before wearing.

When your hosiery will need to be laundered, do by hand, gently with mild, lingerie soap. Do not squeeze, but gently let them dry by laying flat on a towel and definitely do not put in the dryer.

How to Put on Correctly

First make sure that you have nothing that will catch on the tights and make them run, like jewellery.

Make sure your fingers and toes are not jagged or sharp or your heels coarse like sandpaper. Guaranteed runs, if you do.

Then, put them on very carefully. Over time, you will develop the art of it and not even give it a thought. Gather all the material of one leg of the women’s tights between your thumb and forefinger of each hand, the way to the toe. Then slip you foot inside and gently pull the tights up the leg. Repeat with other side.

How to Prevent your Pantyhose from Getting a Run and Sstop a Snag from Running

If you see a snag or the beginning of a run, clear nail polish can be applied to the spot and allowed to dry. Make sure to apply with the single layer of nylon over your hand thus, not getting two layers stuck together.

Hairspray sprayed on the beginning of the run is supposed to keep it from spreading.

If a fibre has caught, you can snip it before it turns into a run.

Another unique rescue suggestion is to cut off the damaged nylon leg and wear it with another pair of pantyhose with only one good leg and wear together.

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