How Do You Start Exercising at Home?

start exercising at home

If you’ve decided it’s time to start or return to exercise from home, congratulations! This is the first step towards a healthy body and why not enviable.

If you’re still thinking about it and still haven’t decided, here are some more reasons to get motivated and want to do it sooner.

You have to start being disciplined and consistent whatever your goal is, without necessarily following a strict regimen of intense exercise every day. When you start or resume your physical activity you need to define and plan how you are going to achieve that much-desired goal.

Here are some tips to help you do this successfully:

  1. Check your physical condition. We know you’re excited, but before you start you need to check to see if your body is in optimal condition for exercise. Consult your doctor if necessary so that you are at 100% and nothing stops you.
  2. Determine your objective. One of the most common reasons to exercise is to look good, but remember that it is much more important to maintain a healthy physical condition. Your goal can vary a lot, you may want to run a short or long race, you want to lose weight, improve your fat levels, etc.. Whatever it is, it is important that it is achievable and realistic.
  3. Learn the basics. If you are going to start exercising, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the most commonly used terms in both exercise and nutrition. You can also learn the right way to do the most basic exercises you’ll start using every day. Here you can check out some of the most popular ones.
  4. Create your space. If you are going to start exercising from home, it is important to define the space where you will do your routines. Don’t let anything distract or bother you while you’re exercising. Give it the importance it deserves, you can decorate it or arrange it so that you have everything at hand, think about every detail.
  5. Exercise everywhere. Download an app that will help you exercise from home, motivate you, and include recipes to complement exercise with nutrition – there’s no better way to achieve your goal! At Instafit you’ll find that and more, download it today so you can exercise anywhere, anytime.
  6. Motivation is the key. Try to keep in touch as much as possible with the world of exercise. Everything helps right now, the music you hear when you exercise, your inspiration, you can even complement the exercise with meditation routines for you to follow a healthy life.
  7. Start with the basics. You already have the goal and the motivation, and I’m sure you want to start doing lots of sit-ups, but be careful. You’d better keep a steady pace while you’re at it. We don’t want you to get hurt or sore for a week for wanting to start with intense exercise. Choose low-impact exercises and make a progress plan to reach your goal.
  8. 5 elements. Remember to follow the 5 elements of exercise, start with warm-up, do aerobic exercise, continue with muscle endurance exercise to help you work on strength, stretch to help your muscles recover and work on flexibility and finally cool your body to successfully complete all your exercise routines.

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