EMS can help you gain strength faster

When using EMS on your muscles, some pads are placed on the skin, over the muscle area to be stimulated.

For those people wanting to know whether EMS can help them gain muscles and strength and also to recover from workouts a lot faster, it might be wise to know a thing or two about the use of EMS in your exercise routine.

However, before we can go ahead and talk about the ways we can benefit, we should know what exactly is EMS and how it works shocking your muscles with electric current helping them grow and develop a lot faster than usual.

What actually is Electrical Muscle Stimulation?

EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulation is the use of electrical current to stimulate the muscles of your body. Obviously, this is done with the use of a proper equipment, in a safer manner and a controlled environment.

The muscles naturally contract when subjected to electrical signals sent by the brain. Therefore, an equipment like the Ultimate ABS Stimulator, for instance, adopts the most advanced EMS technology replicating those impulses, causing muscles to contract on a given command.

This technology was invented in Russia in the 50s and only around the 70s we have learnt the benefits of its use. Normally, we can apply EMS to recover muscles from injuries and from heavy workouts. However, this can also be used easily and safely to gain muscles and strength a lot faster.

What are the real benefits of using EMS?

  • As a tool for medicine and muscle rehabilitation in many facilities, as well as in competitive sport.
  • Used by a great number of athletes to improve strength and speed.
  • Used by therapists to treat and alleviate aches and pains from muscle stress.
  • To increase skin blood flow, when the body is toned all cellulite can be reduced effectively.
  • EMS training also improves the physical performance. You can feel more flexible, healthier, and you tire less quickly.
  • Compared to conventional training, EMS offers the advantages of an intense workout in much less time and effort.

Are there any side effects when using EMS?

This is a question on peoples mind before they use EMS. When they hear that we are using electric current, they normally ask if this electric current can cause any harm to their heart. The answer is NO. EMS creates such a low-frequency impulses activating exclusively the muscles. This process affects no organs and the heart.

According to official studies, there are no negative side effects with the use of EMS by humans. Quite the opposite, the positive benefits are vast.

Can I lose weight when using EMS?

The answer is YES. As soon as you start using EMS, you can notice already losing a few centimeters after a short period of time when the fat is reduced. Because of the increased muscle activity, you may lose more weight, burning more calories daily and increasing the level of energy.

However, even with the use of EMS our suggestion for a complete weight loss program is the combination of a healthy diet, some exercises and the use of the Ultimate ABS Stimulator to target those muscles area in need of stimulation.

How EMS works?

When using EMS on your muscles, some pads are placed on the skin, over the muscle area to be stimulated. The idea is to deliver the current directly over the skeletal muscle. These currents are of a specific frequency as to target only the muscle fibers. Each muscle fiber can be stimulated with different frequencies, according to the adjustments.

Some gel is used to optimize the results and to activate blood circulation over the entire area to be treated.

Please NOTE, read all the instructions before using the equipment!

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