Do you really burn fat doing some sport?

the secret behind excercising

If you want to get rid of that heavy fat you can’t get rid of, here are some tips to help you get rid of it by doing some sports-

Train to burn fat.

If you do sport regularly, in addition to increasing your basal metabolism rate, you get to burn more fat in exercise than sedentary people. Some scientific studies have demonstrated this; they have compared the expenditure of lipids in the exercise in high-level athletes and in people who do not practice any sport, with half an hour of exercise at an intensity of 80% of maximum oxygen consumption. The results show that athletes burn 10% more energy compared to 7% of sedentary athletes.

Slimming down is a matter of insistence.

European studies show that the most effective way to lose weight and eliminate excess fat from our body is to double the exercise sessions in our sport. The method involves gentle exercise for one hour, rest for another hour, and then do the same exercise again. In the second round, more glycerol is observed, which shows that much more fat is being burned that is responsible for the accumulation of fatty tissue in the conflict zones.

Running longer and smoother burns more fat.

If you think that by running ten minutes at a stronger pace you will burn fat before you run 20 minutes at a normal pace you are wrong. If you are looking to lose weight, remember that you need to run for at least half an hour. After 30 minutes is when the muscle runs out of glucose and begins to metabolize and burn fat, carbohydrates, cholesterol….

Wear comfortable, breathable sportswear.

If you also think that by running in too many clothes you will sweat more and lose more weight, you are wrong again. This will only contribute to progressive dehydration. You’ll just lose more water and feel very uncomfortable. This loss of water will be recovered by drinking liquids in less than two hours and you will not notice anything on the scale. The best thing to do is to run with little sports clothes and very breathable. Weight is lost after several consecutive days.

If you exercise constantly, along with a balanced diet rich in protein, low glycemic index carbohydrates, monounsaturated fats, and training last long enough for your body to start metabolizing fat, you will see results in a few weeks. However if you would like to see faster and better results, we recomend the use of slimming vest. This is a special clothing for training and as long as you use it during your exercises, you’ll see the results you are looking for. It is also good to drink meal replacement shakes before and after training or as one more meal between the main meals of the day.

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