Different Types of Body Fat and How to Get Rid of it

As we age, our metabolism slows down drastically, leading to weight gain in certain areas. Also, many of us lead hectic lives, which interferes with staying healthy by abandoning regular exercising and a balanced diet.

There are 6 different types of body fat and it can be identified by where it is mainly accumulated around the body. That is why what works for one person in losing weight, will not function for someone else.

The key is being able understand how our body gains weight and then we effectively lose it.

Common types of body fat and how to lose it

Here are some of the most common types of body fat. Try to identify where your body is storing fat, so you can finally lose that extra weight once and for all.

Common types of body fat and how to lose it

Upper Body Fat
The main reason for gaining weight around your upper chest and belly is that you are consuming too many calories. People with excess upper body often-lead sedentary lives and tend to overeat.

How to lose it: The quickest solution to lose it is by eliminating sweets from your diet and try to get moving for at least 30 minutes a day. Your best options are aerobic exercises such as walking, swimming and Pilates.

Lower Abdomen Fat
This type of body fat is common in women and rarely observed in men. For an unknown reason, when women experience stress, depression or anxieties, their bodies begin to store up fat around their lower abdomen, making them look pregnant.

How to lose it: Try to relax and avoid situations that cause you to feel stressed. Stress produces a hormone called Cortisol, which sends a message to your brain to store fat in your abdomen. Try doing breathing exercises, Yoga and even drinking green tea.

Lower Body Fat
Are your thighs turning into thunder thighs? It could be because you are eating too much gluten.

How to lose it: Try eliminating gluten products from your diet. Nowadays, it is easy to find delicious non-gluten options for your favorite foods. If you want to slim down you thighs without eliminating gluten from your diet, just hit the Stairmaster. Plus, make sure you eat a full-balanced breakfast every morning to jump-start your metabolism.

Bloated Tummy (Beer Belly)
A bloated stomach is often called a beer belly and ironically it is often caused by excessive alcohol consumption. Plus, it could be a sign of cardiovascular issues and breathing problems.

How to lose it: The obvious answer is cut back your alcohol consumption. If you don’t drink alcohol, maybe it is time to get checked out by a specialist to see if you have heart or breathing issues.

Lower Body Fat in the Legs
This is most common in women who suffer from leg pain or from being pregnant. Studies have shown that women with excess weight in this area often suffer from high blood pressure.

How to lose it: Stop eating salty and processed foods, as they can cause water retention especially around this area. A good diet to follow if you seem to accumulate fat around this area would be the D.A.S.H diet.

Big Tummy with Wide Upper Back
The main reason for weight gain around these two areas is lack of physical activity. Make cardiovascular activity part of your daily regime to help regulate your blood sugar levels.

How to lose it: Start calorie counting, to make sure that you are burning more calories than you are consuming, if not your body will store every single extra calorie as fat. Plus, make sure you are getting at least 8 hours of quality sleep each night. Lack of sleep can increase your appetite, which leads to weight gain.

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