The Detoxifying and Purifying Power of the Black Mask

The black mask made of activated vegetable charcoal, an ingredient with a powerful cleansing action that detoxifies the skin and purifies it, minimizing pores and reducing the damage caused to the skin by the external agents to which it is exposed every day.

Given the time we are going through when the levels of contamination to which the skin is exposed every day are higher and higher, and given that I have mixed skin, with lack of luminosity and very dilated pores, I decided to treat my skin using the black mask to clean my pores.

If you still don’t know it or aren’t sure you’re using it, let me tell you more about this cosmetic treatment.

The black face mask promises to remove all dead cells and impurities deposited on the surface of the skin. A product that incorporates active carbon in its formulation along with glycolic acid and a derivative of Kaolin, which deeply cleanses the pores of the skin and purifies the face and restores its radiance.

how to use black mask

The black mask cleanser has a high refreshing effect, ideal for dull skin with open pores. A perfect product to restore the skin’s radiance while cleansing, detoxifying and purifying it thanks to the 3 detoxifying active ingredients incorporated in its formulation:

  • Active Vegetable Carbon, which exerts a powerful cleansing effect on the skin on the blackheads while absorbing toxins, purifying the skin thanks to its bactericidal power and cleansing the pores in a matter of minutes and exerting an anti-aging action by reducing the harmful effects that environmental agents exert on the skin and accelerating its aging.
  • Glycolic acid, which cleans and regulates the production of fat, exfoliating and renewing. An ingredient that acts in the superficial layers of the skin, smoothing it and leaving a great smoothness, greater luminosity and a more uniform tone. And that’s not all! It also stimulates the renewal of the skin, favoring collagen synthesis and improving the skin’s hydration, making it more elastic, firmer, moisturized and with a more juicy appearance.
  • Derived from Kaolin, which enhances the absorbing effect of Vegetable Coal on impurities and toxins, thus reinforcing its detoxifying effect.

Once a week I use this black mask after cleansing and cleansing the skin at night. I spread it evenly over the face, avoiding the area around the eyes and lips, as indicated in the leaflet, and let it work for 20 to 30 minutes. Then I remove it and finally moisten my skin with my favorite moisturizer. This is your choice.

From the first application, it is possible to appreciate the most luminous skin, with pores reduced to the minimum expression and the texture of the most refined skin with a silky soft touch. A product that for those of us who have mixed skin, oily, dull and with dilated pores, can be the solution we were looking for.

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