2019 Fashion Trends That Are Already on Their Way Out

We are already half way though 2019 and we have seen some pretty crazy trends this year. Thankfully a bunch of them are already being labeled “out of style.”

Kylie Jenner and Slick Woods tried to get us to adopt their individual style with tiny sunglasses that served no purpose. Such as the tiny sunglasses trend, which has been replaced with oversized shades.

At the beginning of this year we were seeing stripes everywhere, but not just any strips but zebras and giraffe patterns. But we are happy to see the leopard and snakeskin prints making a return.

Some styles have been squashed even before they gained momentum. Here are some of 2019 most popular fads that are already on their way our. Don’t blink because you might miss them.

Cow Print

At the beginning of the year it was predicated that the cow print would be the biggest trend of the year. Even Meghan Markle embraced this fashion rage by donning a pair of cow-skin heels. But the cow-trend didn’t last very long and brands like H&M and Zara are still trying to sell clothing covered in this print, at extremely marked down prices.

Zebra Print

The zebra print experienced less than 15 minutes in the limelight thanks to Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. This trend has been trying hard to emerge since the early 90’s but with no luck. Zebra was quickly and effortlessly replaced with snakeskin prints.

Monochrome “brownish” power suits

The Zoe fashion report stated that this year would be all about wearing monotone neutral tones and to pull of the look we just needed to layer clothes that were exactly the same shade. But thankfully, the neon trend shoved this trend right out of the fashion world.

Dirty Sneakers

Gucci tried to sell us a scruffy looking pair of sneakers for a whopping $870. Soon after that, Maison Margiela sold a pair of sneakers that were clearly glued back together with duct tape for $1,751. However, this trend was quickly dropped, as it was glorify poverty.

Baby Handbags

Lady Gaga showed us how ridiculous the baby purse looks when she combined it with her oversized gown. These mini handbags are so tiny they need to be carried by using just a single finger. Not practical for real life or for holding our cellular.

Itsy Bitsy Sunglasses

Cosmopolitan stated that this 60’s style trend was going to be reinvented this year. Top celebrities tried, they really tried to get us to like them but they failed. Even they have turned back to their bigger, stylish frames for this summer.

The Platform Sandal

The 90’s platform sandal thought they could make a comeback by changing their name to the scrunchy sandal. In the 90’s we saw these sandals everywhere but we are not ready for them to reappear. They are now on the clearance racks at our favorite retailers.

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